You can think of a chatbot as another employee in your business.

It can help generate leads, qualify leads, speak to existing customers, support your customer service, gather key data to support decision making and assist your existing employees.

While you and the rest of your business are sleeping, a chatbot continues working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More and more small and large businesses are beginning to adopt chatbots in their businesses because they know a well designed bot will save them time and help them make more money. If you’re a small business, a chatbot can provide crucial support in your business at a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring new employees.

We’re a specialist Messenger bot agency. With over 1.2 billion users, we think Facebook Messenger is the most exciting platform to build your bot on.

But we can also build chatbots for other platforms including WhatsApp and website based bots. In 2020, we will begin offer voice assistant bots for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 



A chatbot can help your business generate new leads on autopilot. You should consider a lead generation bot if you are getting a lot of visitors to your website or social media pages but you’re not getting as many conversions as you want.

Chatbots can sit on your website or landing page and interact with prospective customers who would otherwise leave your website, never to be seen again. It’s an effective way to collect important contact details from your leads, begin a conversation with them and move them towards a sale.

You may use chatbots as part of your Facebook advertising strategy. By driving Facebook ads traffic to your chatbot, you can quickly capture leads who you can follow up with later.

In some businesses, a chatbot may even be able to close sales or book appointments for you. While in other businesses, at the very least a chatbot will be able to capture important contact details and warm up the lead before they are passed on to your sales team.

Speak to our team today if you would like to discuss how chatbots can fit into your lead generation strategy.



Chatbots can be designed to automate tasks that you would otherwise need to do yourself or pay an employee to do. This frees up time for you to focus on more important, high-level work in your business.

Using bots, we can automate customer service, data entry, follow up, appointment setting and various other tasks in your business.

If you use multiple applications and softwares in your business such as Salesforce, CRM systems, Mailchimp, Google Drive and others, a chatbot can help integrate these applications to make them even more useful to your business while saving valuable time.

To discuss how a chatbot could save time in your business through automation, please contact our consultants.


Social media has changed the way people use the internet. The way your customers spend their time online has changed dramatically in the past five years.

Consumers spend far more time on social media and messaging apps than traditional websites now. This is a trend that looks likely to increase. Which means that your website may not be as powerful as it once was. 

We see that messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp have become the most popular way to communicate with friends and family. People are sick of their email inboxes being flooded with spam messages and they prefer the ‘instant messaging’ style offered by Messenger and WhatsApp.

App downloads appear to be declining. In a world where consumers value time more than anything, downloading and installing new apps is seen as a nuisance. Apps take up more space on your phone and slow it down. Consumers want to be able to access everything from one central location like Facebook Messenger, rather than downloading more and more new apps.

The way consumers prefer to communicate with businesses is shifting. People want instant communication with businesses when they have questions. They want 24 hour access and they don’t want to wait for replies.

To keep up with the changes, you need to adapt your marketing approach. By using conversational marketing, you can reach your customers on the platforms they prefer in the way they prefer.